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[CONDITION] This is a rare special committee’s batch. Gold paint beautifully applied to outline the front and back of the amulet. In good condition without any cracks or wears. Very distinct and sharp features.

[SIZE] 2.6X4cm
[BLESSED BY] Luang Phor Pae

[TEMPLE] Wat Pikulthong, Singburi

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2532

[AMULET MATERIAL] Nur Phong Kesorn With Gold Masking

[DESCRIPTION] This is Super Rare batch of Somdej Blood with only 2000++pcs made. Holy materials includes LP Pae's Holy Blood, LP Pae's Hair, Kassa jivorn cloth(Monk Robe), Peh Nah Thong powder, Gemstones, Solid Takruts and plated Gold Foil. LP Pae strongly blessed this batch of Somdej Holy Blood in year BE2537.



Wat Phikulthong. Special: This is Superb of Golden Phra Somdej Pik Thong With LP Pae's Holy Blood & Gold Foil (Height 4cm) strongly blessed by LP Pae himself in year BE2537. Featured stunning House Of Phra Somdej image at front and LP Pae image at back. Additional with added LP Pae's Relic Holy Blood at front, plus added LP Pae's Hair, Holy Thread, Peh Nah Thong powder, Gemstones, Solid Takruts and plated with Gold Foil for this batch. Superb Rare batch of Golden Phra Somdej Pik Thong With LP Pae's Blood and is made 2000++pcs only. The sacred Holy LP Pae's Blood for this batch was took when LP Pae admitted at hospital for blood test and finally until LP Pae discharged from hospital in year BE2537 for blessing ceremony. I highly recommend to you. Effect: For special great metta and successful in everything that you do (always do the good deeds), improve wealth fortune, can change bad luck to good luck, protection from harm and bad influence and evil etc...

Why Luang Phor Pae Have Great Merits?
During the past, there are many young children that parents cannot afford to raise them or send them to schools, Luang Phor as an abbot of Pikunthong took in all children that needed help. He raise them up and provided education for them, they become like temple's children. Luang Phor also went to teach young children in schools when he was staying in Wat Rahkang temple in his younger days.

Luang Phor Pae's amulets are kept by many Thais especially Singburi and Bangkok areas because they respect him alot for the things that he have done for them. Especially the young children that grew up to adults, they also kept many of his amulets for respect to their teacher who cared for them since young. Luang Phor also created many Somdej and many other holy amulets for the raising of funds for hospitals, charitable causes like building roads, building schools and to help the needy.

Thus we believed that all of LP Pae amulets are blessed by Devas for their good cause (This is what we we as his followers feel). 天神看到这尊佛牌都会觉得是为了好善缘而做,天神们也都会保佑这尊佛牌对吗?所以当你带上了Luang Phor Pae佛牌你也会自然而然得到天神们的祝福。
Why Luang Phor Pae Amulets Are So Holy And Everlasting?
For LP Pae Somdej amulets, he has succeed in using Chinnabunchorn to bless them. Why we say he succeed, the meaning is that all his Somdej amulets which he blessed with Chinnabunchorn, followers can feel the effects when they wear it. This is felt by most of his followers, many successful people and businessman wears his Pae 2 Pan or Pae 3 Pan. I have observed that they only wear 1 Somdej amulet of LP Pae and they already feel is enough, no need to wear so many amulets.

Somdej Toh is the most respected teacher of LP Pae since his younger days at Wat Rahkang, and we believed that both Somdej Toh And LP Pae have good connections spiritually. One more thing to note is that, for people in our generation, hardly we can find and keep amulets made by Somdej Toh, but lucky for us we still have Luang Phor Pae in our time to give us good blessings Somdej amulets which we can wear while we remember Buddha's teachings.

A old and senoir monk from Wat Rahkang whom I met long time ago, when I mentioned Luang Phor Pae, he said: Geng! Out of curiosity I asked him why LP Pae Geng? He said he still remembered that when Luang Phor Pae starts to prepare for the consecretion of his amulets, Luang Phor will always go to Wat Mai alone (a temple near to Wat Rahkang) for paying respect and connect spiritually with Somdej Toh and he will meditate there for many days without food and water before going back to start his consecretion ceremony at Wat Pikulthong.

For the recent past 3-4 years Luang Phor's holy items in China and Taiwan has become extremely expensive and highly sought after by the Chinese people especially businessmen in China. One of my business associate, a Shanghainese boss also enquired about Luang Phor Pae Somdej Pae Sorng Pan during one of our business discussions. He also showed me his Somdej Pae San Pan in thick gold chain with a happy smile.

With great merits, Luang Phor's fame continued to spread to all parts of the world even after he monarat for more than 10 years. Good Cause (Amulets are created to help people in need), Good Blessings (Chinnabunchorn Blessings) & A Good Teacher (Luang Phor Pae), I think the above are some of the reasons why we treasure Luang Phor's amulets so much.


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