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Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao

This monastery houses Phra Phutthasothon or “Luang Pho Sothon”. It is situated on the river bank in Amphoe Muang approximately 2 Kms, south of Sala Klang (the City Hall).

Wat Sothon, has a very sacred Buddha image and is regarded as one of the most revered Buddha images by the people in Thailand. The image, in the attitude of meditation has a lap width of 1.65 meters and height of 1.98 meters, is always seen entirely pasted with gold leaves by worshipers.

Legend says that there were three bronze Buddha images floating down from Prachin Buri. They appeared at Sampathuan County of Chachoengsao, dates back since the Ayutthaya Period during the reign of King Phra Borom Tri Lokkanat.

Most of the villagers live along the banks of Bang Pakong River and canals. The people seeing the situation, quickly tied the three images with ropes and tried to pull them out of the water but failed. The three images continued floating downstream.

The big one later floated and appeared at Ban Laem of Samut Songkhram where the people enshrined him at Wat Ban Laem. The small one was enshrined at Wat Bang Phli of Samut Prakan. The medium sized one, Luang Pho Sothon, floated down the Bang Pakong River to the site now as Wat Sothon.

Effects to retrieve by the people were unsuccessful the first time, until a wise man built a small shrine. A ceremony performed to welcome the image, Phra Phuttha Sothon. They prayed and invited him to be enshrined at Wat Sothon as can be currently seen.

There are two annual fairs celebrating Luang Phor Sothon, in the middle of the 5th and 12th lunar months ( around April and November).

The new tall ubosoth of Sothorn Wararam Waravihan Temple is always flooded with attention of visitors. Religious followers come to the temple to seek favours in the form of financial wealth and health from the Lanna-style Buddha image.

Worshippers all over the country pay high respect to this temple due to the miraculous events attributed to the statue, example, recovery from terminal illness using petals collected from the ground in front of the temple statue and made into herbal medicine. In return, a small donation is given to hired Thai dancers, attired in elaborate classical costumes and perform for the resident spirits.

The temple is particularly well known to childless couples that have a firm belief that praying to Luang Phor Sothorn will help result in pregnancy.


พระบูชาหลวงพ่อโสธร 3 กษัตริย์ หน้าตัก 12 นิ้ว สูง 15 นิ้ว ปี 2534

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