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Do you know your Kumanthong well?

Do you know your Kumanthong well?

Do you know your Kumanthong well?

Having a Kmt is like adopting an Orphan from the Orphanage.. You must treat and Love him like your own Son. Spend time to bond with him.. Bonding as in making effort, be true to your Son.. So that your Son can understand you and your can understand your Son. Respecting eachother is very important.. Do not take things for granted as One of the Parent and ill treat the Kmts. Or mis-used your authority and make them fulfill your greeds. Afterall, Kmts are also Deities. They have the right to refuse if our request is not "Right".. I don't request them or force them to give me anything.. They will only suprise me when I can take..


For me, I Love My Kmts like my own flesh and blood... At the same time, I also respect them as My Guardians and Deities.. I can entrust My Life and My Assets to them.. And just like they will trusted me with their Love as well.. This is bonding... I think the way they think.. I feel the way they feel.. 


For Kmt Roops, I will pat on them whenever I eat or drink.. I do not mind how others think of me.. Where I can lay ALL MY KMT Roops on the table with 3 to 5 meals at McDonalds.. They trusted me and I will be proud to have them as My "Son".. Just like they are proud to have me as their " Father " 

For Kmt Buchas, They will be placed on the altar.. I will offer them 5 incense, Kemanyen and Yellow Candles - Twice a Day.. Offer them At least 1 meal a Day with Buddha Scriptures every morning for them to accumulate merits.. At the end of the day, I will share with them the events of that day.. Play with them if I can before I go to sleep.. 


1) For Roops, always invite them to eat first before you start eating. Just pat on their Roops and invite them with their names. Roops are able to share with what we eating everyday. Just out of respect, its a must to call them first before we eat.

2) Treat them like your own flesh and blood. Love them like your own Son but also respect them as Deity.

3) Guide them to help those who really need help. Chanting their own Kathas and as well let them listen more to Buddha Scriptures. For their well being and able to recarinate faster.

4) Always have FAITH in your own Kumanthongs. You gotta learn to trust them so that they will trust you.

5) To build up the Bond between we and our Kumanthongs. We gotta learn to trust eachother. As we go on, we will be able to think how they feel and they can understand how we feel.

6) Chant twice a day to them. Once in the morning before you go out. And once at night when you comeback and No intention of going out. After chanting, talk to them.. Tell them how you feel and what happen during the day.. They will be happy to lend you a listening ear so that they can understand you more..


1) Do Not ask them to hurt others or cause other's injuries.

2) Do Not ill-treat them as in pushing your respsonsibilities or blame to Kumanthongs. Or bring them to any Master and find ways to torture them. Do Not Beat Kumanthongs.

3) Do not Mis-use Kumanthongs for Fighting, Stealing, Fraud , Hurting others or get a Kumanthong just for Lottery. Kumanthongs are Deities, they will only give lottery if One can take. They will not harm us if we cannot take the Fortune.

4) Do not take Kumanthong for granted that they are supposed to Do this or That for us.. We must not forget that they are Deities also.. We must respect them.. If not Karma may befall on us easily.

 5) Do Not Feed them with "Blood". Kumanthongs are Deities. They are not ghost.. Do not follow the ignorants. Some people had very bad karma for doing this..

6) Do Not neglect them. If not Luck will be affected or Kumanthongs will run away from you. Then you will just be holding on to an empty roop.

Kumanthong Basic Katha : 

( Invitation of Kumanthong to come back. Chant twice a day. Once in the morning before you go out and Once in the evening when you reach home with no intention to go out. Especially to guide new Kumanthong in new place or country. )

Namao Tasa Pakawator Ahrahator Samma Samput Tasak. ( 3 Times)

So Sa Ah Nee , Sa So Nee

A Hit Kumanthong Pai Mah

Nee Ma Ma , Ma Ha La Pa Pa

Wan Doo Mae.

(3 Times)


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